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Welcome to TrendMonetizer!

The odds are, you are here to make the most of the links you share and Just like you anticipated, your clicks landed you on the right page. 


is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message on to a piece of content.

You never have to curate your own content anymore.

You can add an action button to the new page and drive your traffic back to another URL, your e-commerce store, affiliate Offers and literally anywhere else.

The secret to maximal engagement is quality content. 

Be sure to share high quality content that offer needed value to your visitors, this will invariably produce massive conversions. 


Here’s really quick Overview of the Dashboard:

This is the General Console where you monitor your analytics and statistics.


Clicks: This is where you find the number of clicks that has been made for your Link


Leads: This shows you the total number of Leads you have acquired from your links and broadcasts.


Impressions: This is the number of …


Conversions: This is the number of ….



Messages: This defines the number of Messages you’ve created. 


Links: This is the total number of Links you’ve created 



Video: This is the number of Video Links you’ve created. 



Brands:  This displays the number of Brands you own. 


Other features you would find really helpful on the dashboard include: 

The Link Cloaker: This is ….


Social Proof: Create and manage social proofs


Trends: Create and learn from Trends

Integrations: See all your available third party integrations here.

New Link: This is a short link to create a new Link.


Get Chrome Extension: This is a very important button as it gets the Extension and all it’s features installed in your Google Chrome.


These should get you started but are only a few of the Thousand and one Million dollar features included on your TrendMonetizer Package.


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