TrendMonetizer - Getting Started

Getting Started

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Creating a Brand is a perfect way to get started. 

First decide what your identity is … 

Click on create brand: See more >> link


Save the New Brand.

Click on the Trends Tab above to find and curate Trend:

Enter your Keyword or Topic in the search box to find the hottest content available.

Click on Message on the selected content grid to include your message or click on share on the selected content grid to instantly share on your social media handles.

Next Select Message Style: 

click next to create a CTA

Click Next to select a carrier Brand

After this is done, click Next to customize the message’s appearance.

Next configure your message:

Click Next for the theme setup:

Next we configure the social proof: 


To enable further custom features like Pixels, analytics or scripts click on Next for the advanced setup

These guide is a good way to get started. More details are available on the individual feature pages.

It is worthy of note that Generated Links do not only display a single page but it allows you to have your signature on the entire website. 

These links now carry and display your messages and CTA bringing you leads and helping you achieve your goals as you promote them. 

To Find out details on messages and how to create and Edit New Messages.  >> Click Here

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