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Creating Messages

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How To Create a New Message


Messages allow you to include your call to action lines and whatever else you want your users to see.

To create a new message apply the outlined steps: 

Click on the “New message” button 


Choose your message Style from the available options e.g Banner, Pop up etc.


  • Click Next to Set CTA type   

Choose a Call to action Type. e.g. a Button Link (For the purpose of illustration) e.t.c



    • To Set Up the Button  Link. 
      • Edit Text 
      • Add a URL to open (e.g. your affiliate link or ecoms store link or simply a final target link)
      • Select the Animation Type for the Button. 
      • Decide if this link will be opened in a new tab or not.


  • To Set up a Social Share (Note: Selecting This option deselects any other)


      • Select The Social Network Provider e.g. Facebook, twitter e.t.c
      • Enter the URL of the page to share in the input Box Provided.
      • Set a Call to action Text. 


  • To Set up an Opt in Form (Note: Selecting this option deselects any other)


    • Set a “Subscribe” call to action Button Text
    • Set a “Submit” Text
    • Set or leave the input placeholder text on default 
    • Set a Success Message
    • Connect with a Webhook e.g Zapier or 
    • An autoresponder (Available API’s are Convertkit and GetResponse, more will be added soon) ***For first users How will the Autoresponders be connected first ???
    • You can choose from the available lists on your autoresponder this is ideal for list segmentation. 
    • Choose what you want done with the leads on the list selected. (Add leads or subtract leads from List)
    • Select an animation Style for the CTA

(Your number of leads will be added to the Number of Leads and recorded in your dashboard)


  • Click Next to Choose Brand.



Select A Brand you want to Use from the Brands you already Own or Set up a New brand if there’s none already. See guide for assistance  >>>Here(Link)<<<


  • Click Next to Customize Your Message Appearance


      • Select an Onscreen Message Position 
      • Select the Message Entry Animation Style 
      • Set Backdrop Preference
      • Select The Delay timing
      • Set Repetition intervals. 


  • Click Next To edit your message content


    • Input Your teaser Text
    • Edit your main text in it’s input field. Our main Text input field allows you enough flexibility to Properly Format and style your Text and even use Emojis to bring your messages alive!!! 
    • Flip the switch to Hide or Display TrendMonetizer Branding on Messages. 
  • Click Next to Set Your Message Color Preferences 
    • Set your Background color
    • Set your text color 
    • Set your Button and Links color 
    • Set your Button Text color
  •  Click on Next to Enable and set up Social Proof
  • Flip the switch to enable social proof.
  • Select social Proof from the available to enable it.


If you want to use social proof alone simply go back to step 2 of creating a new message and select “Hidden” while your social proof button is enabled. This hides the message and displays only the social proof as set.
A combination of Social Proof and Message can be used for CTA. It is advised however to set timings and delay differently so your users don’t have a messy and clogged up screen.

See how to set Timing and Delay for messages here >>Link<< 



  • Click Next for Advanced Options 


This developer option allows you to add your own codes for Pixels, Analytics, Scripts and styles.

 All Set? 



  • Click on Done to go back to the All Messages Panel


This panel shows all the messages you’ve created and their details and analytics such as Style, CTA Type, Content, Conversion rates, Brands and so on.

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